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Buy Vehicle in Melton, Victoria

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Buy Vehicle in Melton

In order to complete these kinds of transactions legally, it is very important that you are well organized and comply with all the VicRoads recommendations.

Buying or transferring an used vehicle.

To sell, to buy or to transfer an used vehicle there are very important steps that you cannot miss. It is mandatory that all parties bring valid ID’s, with photo and not expired, to comply with the correct identification and to complete the vehicle`s transfer form properly.

1 - Before you buy a used vehicle it is very important that you check the Vehicles registration status. This data can be found by using the VicRoads tool available at the official VicRoads website. You may also call the number 1300 007 777. Once you have checked that the current legal situation of the vehicle is correct, and there are no tickets, unpaid bills or any abnormal situation, you can proceed to the next phase.

Step 2.

Download the Vehicle transfer form from the official VicRoads website.

In some cases a roadworthy certificate will be demanded by the VicRoads authority. Please check the VicRoads website to check the exemptions.

It will be necessary that you possess your VicRoads customer number. This number can be founded in your driver's license or in your latest registration renewal notice.

3 - Proceed to buy the vehicle and complete the transfer form in a correct way. To avoid any mistakes, take your time when filling this document, ensure all the data is correct and don't miss any detail. Bear in mind that this document will have to be uploaded to the system and it must be easily legible.

The document must be signed by both parts.

It is strongly recommended that along with the transfer form, both parties agree and complete a receipt of purchase. After this, keep a copy or take a photo of all the documents in order to have a proof of the transaction.

Step 4.

Within the next 14 days after the transaction has been done, inform the VicRoads department of the sale.

The seller of the vehicle must submit the “Notice of disposal” using his/her VicRoads account to inform the VicRoads of the transaction. Once this process has been done, the vehicle will be transferred to the new owner in one day.

On the other side, the buyer must complete the online procedure using his/her VicRoads personal account and must conduct the payment of the fee to finally complete the process. If this process is not completed for both parts within the time period of 14 days, the transaction will be suspended.

Please note that all documents will be requested at this stage, and you will be asked to upload a picture or a PDF document of the transaction paperwork.

Buying a vehicle from a car dealer.

If you are buying a vehicle from a dealer, it will be the dealer's responsibility to keep you informed and accomplish all the paperwork to transfer the vehicle into your name. The seller of the vehicle will only be requested to pay the transfer fee to the dealer and correctly sign all the documents.

It is highly recommended to keep a copy or photo of the signed documents

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Customer Service Centres near Melton

Melton Customer Service Centre

267 High St, 3337

4.85 km. from Melton

13 11 71

Office info

Sunbury Customer Service Centre

Hume City Council Building (rear of) 7/36 Macedon St, 3429

31.91 km. from Melton

13 11 71

Office info

Deer Park Licence Testing Centre (appointments only)

Unit 1, 85 Mt Derrimut Rd (ENTER VIA RADNOR DRIVE), 3023

36.29 km. from Melton

13 11 71

Office info

Hoppers Crossing Customer Service Centre

64 Old Geelong Rd (Spotlight Centre), 3029

41.58 km. from Melton

13 11 71

Office info

VicRoads Agencies near Melton

Australia Post - Watergardens

Shop 49, Watergardens Shopping Centre, 3038

32.02 km. from Melton

13 13 18

Office info

Australia Post - Sunshine

Shop 31, Sunshine Marketplace. 80 Harvester Rd, 3020

43.44 km. from Melton

13 13 18

Office info

Australia Post - Highpoint

Shop 2090, Highpoint City Shopping Centre, 3032

50.49 km. from Melton

13 13 18

Office info

Australia Post - Craigieburn

Craigieburn Central, Shop 5D 340. Craigieburn Road, 3064

54.01 km. from Melton

(03) 9333 7531

Office info

Road Management Offices near Melton

Metropolitan North West Regional Office

12 Clarke Street, 3020

44.02 km. from Melton

13 11 71

Office info

M80 Ring Road Upgrade

3 Bristol St Essendon Airport, 3041

48.95 km. from Melton

03 9094 4600

Office info

Metropolitan Projects - Western

1 McNab Avenue, 3011

53.92 km. from Melton

13 11 71

Office info

Policy & Programs, Metropolitan Projects - Central

1 Spring Street, 3000

64.44 km. from Melton

13 11 71

Office info

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