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Replace in Victoria

If a driver's license has been stolen, lost or damaged, the driver can apply for a new license following the following steps.

Replacement of a Driver's license using the online service.

It is necessary to remind all drivers to keep their personal information updated in the VicRoads system at all times. All the personal data, the name, and the home address must be written correctly. (Is the driver's own responsibility to be updated and not to miss any VicRoads notification).

Then, you will have to access the VIC Roads online portal and request your new drivers license online. This procedure will take you a few minutes. When finalizing the process you will receive a receipt, ensure you keep it until you receive the new license.

All the procedure of issuing a new license will take up to ten days until it arrives at the driver’s home address (As we said before, this must be registered on the system). In some cases, the license can take up to 4 weeks to arrive: i.e if you live overseas or interstate.

In the case your license has been stolen or lost, you will be requested to notify the theft to your local police station. Replacement of a Driver's license by mail.

The other way to replace a driver's license will be using the regular mail service. This service will take some more time than the online service for the driver, but the delivery time for the license will also be 10 days (Like mentioned before, it can take up to 4 weeks in some scenarios).

To proceed with this follow the next steps:

Guideline to proceed with the replacement by mail:

  • Download the “Replacement Victorian Licence or Learner Permit form [PDF]” from the VicRoads website.
  • Complete the document using capital letters.
  • Place it in an envelope with a cheque to pay the fee.
    Mail it to:
    Licence Correspondence
    Locked Bag 7000
    Kew VIC 3101
  • Your license will arrive in 10 days at the home address registered on the system.

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