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Sell Vehicle in Knox, Victoria

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Sell Vehicle in Knox

At the time to sell or transfer a vehicle it is very important that the procedure is well organized and it complies with the VicRoads recommendations in order to do it legally.

Selling or transferring your used vehicle.

There are some important steps you cannot miss when selling or transferring your used vehicle. During the process, it is very important that all parts grant valid ID’s (Identification Cards, passports o Drivers license.). This is very important to avoid any misunderstandings and comply with the correct identification of both parties. Please complete the vehicle`s transfer safely by using valid IDs with photo.

1 - Before you sell your vehicle it is necessary that the vehicle is registered under your name. A vehicle´s registration certificate (or renewal) can be used as a proof of ownership. You may access this data by using the VicRoads available at the VicRoads website.

2 - Download the documentation - The “Vehicle transfer” form is available at the official VicRoads website.

In some cases a roadworthy certificate will be requested by the VicRoads authority. Please check the VicRoads website to check for any exemption.

It will be necessary that you possess your VicRoads customer number. Which can be founded in your driver's license or in the latest registration renewal notice.

At this stage of the procedure, it is necessary that you clarify the VicRoads if you want to keep your number plates or not. In case you want to keep them, please inform the VIcRoads department and cancel your registration. Bear in mind that a fee payment will be necessary in order to keep the number plates.

Step 3.

Sell the vehicle and complete the transfer form in the correct way. Take your time when filling up this document to avoid mistakes. Ensure all the data is correct and it's fully completed, don't miss any detail. The document must be signed by both parts. This is very important, as this document will have to be uploaded to the system and be easily legible.

Along with the transfer form, it is highly recommended to fill up a receipt of purchase. After completing all the paperwork, keep a copy of all the documents in order to have a proof of the transaction.

Step 4.

Inform the VicRoads department within the next 14 days after the transaction has been done.

You, as the seller of the vehicle, must submit the “Notice of disposal” using your VicRoads account, and inform the VicRoads of the transaction. Once this process has been done, the vehicle will be transferred to the new owner within a day. Next, the buyer must complete the online procedure using the VicRoads personal account and comply with the next steps and the payment of the fee to finally complete the process. If all this process is not completed in the time frame of 14 days, the transaction will be suspended.

Please bear in mind that all documents will be requested at this stage, and you will be asked to upload a picture or scan a PDF of the transaction documents.

Selling your vehicle to a dealer.

If this is your case, is the dealers own responsibility to go through all the paperwork on your behalf. A fee payment will be conducted and it is important to keep a copy (or photo) after signing all the documents.

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