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Update Registration in Mildura, Victoria

For Rego Check in Mildura please, visit the oficial Victorian Roads Website

Registration Update in Mildura

It is mandatory for all drivers/companies to keep all their data updated at all times in the VicRoads system in order to avoid missing any notification.

Depending on the specific data you need to update, there are some documents that you will need to submit to the VicRoads system in order to proceed with the changes, please ensure that you possess all the required documentation before you start the process. Once you are ready you can submit your documents using two different ways at your disposal:

By mail - Sending your documents to: VicRoads GPO Box 1644 Melbourne 3001.

Visit one of the VicRoads customer services * - You can visit one of the VicRoads centers near you.

*Please be aware that due to the current COVID situation the opening times for all of the VicRoads customer service centers may be affected by scheduling restrictions or other reasons. Before making your appointment, check the official VicRoads website to assure your visit.

Update your home address

To update or change your home/company address under a company name, you will need to submit an official company letter specifying the vehicle/vessel details.

Before making your appointment to change the address on your registration, it is necessary that you comply with all the following specifications in your letter:

  • The letter must be signed by the director of the company (or direct responsible person of the vehicle).
  • It must show the company letterhead or seal.
  • The new address must be clearly specified.
  • The document must also contain the details of the vehicle/vessels affected (i.e. model of the vehicle, registration number, etc).

Before making your appointment visit the official VIcRoads website to check the customer centers availability.

Updating your company name

In the case you need to change the name of your company in your registration, it will be necessary to submit an official letter into the VicRoads department. It is also necessary that you bring a Certificate of Registration on Change of Name from the ASIC (Australian Securities and Investment Commission, and a letter that contains all the vehicle/vessel specifications.

This website is privately owned and is not affiliated with the Victorian Transport Services (VicRoads). Remember that we are never going to solicit any personal information, ID or credentials. The official VicRoads website:

Customer Service Centres near Mildura

Mildura Customer Service Centre

109 - 111 Orange Ave, 3500

6.45 km. from Mildura

13 11 71

Office info

Swan Hill Customer Service Centre

Shop 1, 1 McNeill Ct, 3585

295.11 km. from Mildura

13 11 71

Office info

Horsham Customer Service Centre

14 O'Callaghans Pde, 3400

449.56 km. from Mildura

13 11 71

Office info

Echuca Customer Service Centre

Echuca Customer Service Centre 55 Mundarra Rd, 3564

517.62 km. from Mildura

13 11 71

Office info

VicRoads Agencies near Mildura

Swan Hill Rural City Council

72 Herbert Street, 3549

117.08 km. from Mildura

03 5051 8000

Office info

Mildura Rural City Council

79 Oke Street, 3490

156.47 km. from Mildura

03 5018 8600

Office info

Gateway Beet Inc

75 Lascelles Street, 3396

274.12 km. from Mildura

03 5083 3001

Office info

Hindmarsh Shire Council - Rainbow

15 Federal Street, 3424

302.87 km. from Mildura

03 5391 4444

Office info

Road Management Offices near Mildura

Echuca-Moama Bridge Project

575 High Street, 3564

513.88 km. from Mildura

9811 8106

Office info

Northern Regional Office

53 - 61 Lansell St, 3550

554.94 km. from Mildura

13 11 71

Office info

Western Highway Project Office

237 Ring Rd, 3355

641.83 km. from Mildura

03 5309 1050

Office info

Western Regional Office

88 Learmonth Rd, 3355

643.89 km. from Mildura

13 11 71

Office info

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