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Update License in Ararat, Victoria

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Update in Ararat

In case a driver has changed their home address, name or any personal information, it will be mandatory to proceed to inform the VIC Roads department as soon as possible. Remember that is the driver's own responsibility to keep all their personal data updated at all times in the system.

Home address update:

To update your home address, all you have to do is to access the intranet website at your “myVicRoads account” and submit two of the following documents (bear in mind that all documents must be issued within the last 6 months up to the date):

All drivers must notify the new address within a 14 days period after moving.

Documents accepted:

  • New leasing contract or document.
  • telephone, gas or electricity bill that shows your name and the new address.
  • statement document from the bank account that shows the institution’s letterhead.
  • Any document that shows your full name and new address.
  • Any document that proves evidence of enrolment.

Update your Name

If a driver has changed his/her name, it is necessary to update the personal data provided in the VicRoads database as soon as possible. It is necessary that each driver visits the VicRoads customer service to proceed with the change of the personal information and to update the driver's license and the vehicle’s registration.

As a guideline, here we give you some tips to complete this process:

  • Plan an appointment to the VicRoads customer service and prepare your documentation.
  • Provide a Document that proves your new identity.
  • Download the “change of personal details form” from the VicRoads portal and fill it up in capital, legible letters.
  • Depending on the circumstances under which you have changed your name, you will need to provide the documentation of your name change.

There are different scenarios under which a person must or want to change their names, before you schedule your appointment, please visit the official Vic Roads department website to check the most updated requirements for your specific subject.

Update of gender

It is very important that you notify the Vic Roads department as soon as possible if you have changed your gender. All you have to do is schedule an appointment to the customer service and bring evidence of your new gender and/or new title. Please visit the Vic Roads official website for more info about the documents and requirements.

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Customer Service Centres near Ararat

Ararat Customer Service Centre

Shop 2, 56 High St, 3377

0.47 km. from Ararat

13 11 71

Office info

Maryborough Customer Service Centre

73 Clarendon street, 3465

122.33 km. from Ararat

13 11 71

Office info

Ballarat Customer Service Centre

88 Learmonth Rd, 3355

133.71 km. from Ararat

13 11 71

Office info

Horsham Customer Service Centre

14 O'Callaghans Pde, 3400

145.31 km. from Ararat

13 11 71

Office info

VicRoads Agencies near Ararat

Northern Grampians Shire Council - Stawell

63-65 Main Street, 3380

46.17 km. from Ararat

03 5358 8700

Office info

Pyrenees Shire Council

5 Lawrence Street, 3373

69.19 km. from Ararat

03 5349 1100

Office info

Lake Bolac Hardware

168 Montgomery Street, 3351

77.99 km. from Ararat

13 11 71

Office info

Central Goldfields Shire Council (VicRoads)

73 Clarendon St, 3465

122.4 km. from Ararat

13 11 71

Office info

Road Management Offices near Ararat

Western Highway Project Office

237 Ring Rd, 3355

131.4 km. from Ararat

03 5309 1050

Office info

Western Regional Office

88 Learmonth Rd, 3355

133.73 km. from Ararat

13 11 71

Office info

Northern Regional Office

53 - 61 Lansell St, 3550

216.83 km. from Ararat

13 11 71

Office info

Major Road Projects Victoria

230-242 Colac Road, 3216

254.51 km. from Ararat

03 4243 3800

Office info

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