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Renew License in Robinvale, Victoria

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Renew in Robinvale

If a driver needs to renew their drivers or marine license, he or she can do it easily and fast using the following services.

Four weeks before your license expires, you will receive a notification reminding you that you need to proceed with the renewal. (It is very important that you keep your personal information updated on the system so you receive the letters and notifications correctly). In this reminder you will be informed that your license is about to be expired, and you will find out if you need to take a new picture for the license, or if you can use the same one.*

Please note that the following procedures are available for renewing licenses that have expired for less than 6 months.

License renewal using the same picture.

The VicRoads will inform you if you need to take a new picture or not in the reminder notice. In case you use the same picture and if your personal information is still the same, you will be allowed to renew your license by phone. Call the number 1300 554 853 and follow the instructions explained. To finish the procedure, you will have to pay a fee by card (Only VISA or MASTERCARD).

After the procedure is finished, in approximately 10 days, you will receive your new License by regular mail. Please keep your receipt until the transaction is completed.

License renewal - New picture needed.

*Please note that due to the current COVID situation, and until further notice, all new licenses will be issued using the same picture. To renew your license please call the number 1300 554 853. Bear in mind that a fee will be requested to be paid by card (Only VISA or MASTERCARD).

In the case the driver is significantly different from the old photo, a new picture will be mandatory. Due to the Covid situation there is a force major cause that will prolong the validity of the photo, in this case please keep using the new license and once available, contact a customer service center to update your photo free of costs.

Always keep the receipt of the payment until the new license is received at home.

Expired Licenses

In the case of a driver's license that has been expired for more than 6 months (up to 5 years), the driver will be required to contact a Vic Roads Customer Service Center and bring a valid ID along with a Driver's license application form.

If the license has been expired for more than 5 years, a Driver's exam will be demanded to be able to renew the license.

For all the drivers older than 75 years old, the licences will be renewed for 3 years. For all the drivers younger than 75, the licenses will be renewed for 3 or 10 years depending on the age. In all cases different fees will be applied.

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Customer Service Centres near Robinvale

Mildura Customer Service Centre

109 - 111 Orange Ave, 3500

115.45 km. from Robinvale

13 11 71

Office info

Swan Hill Customer Service Centre

Shop 1, 1 McNeill Ct, 3585

179.96 km. from Robinvale

13 11 71

Office info

Horsham Customer Service Centre

14 O'Callaghans Pde, 3400

390.49 km. from Robinvale

13 11 71

Office info

Echuca Customer Service Centre

Echuca Customer Service Centre 55 Mundarra Rd, 3564

401.13 km. from Robinvale

13 11 71

Office info

VicRoads Agencies near Robinvale

Swan Hill Rural City Council

72 Herbert Street, 3549

0.69 km. from Robinvale

03 5051 8000

Office info

Mildura Rural City Council

79 Oke Street, 3490

109.42 km. from Robinvale

03 5018 8600

Office info

Gateway Beet Inc

75 Lascelles Street, 3396

212.58 km. from Robinvale

03 5083 3001

Office info

Hindmarsh Shire Council - Rainbow

15 Federal Street, 3424

260.66 km. from Robinvale

03 5391 4444

Office info

Road Management Offices near Robinvale

Echuca-Moama Bridge Project

575 High Street, 3564

397.34 km. from Robinvale

9811 8106

Office info

Northern Regional Office

53 - 61 Lansell St, 3550

446.5 km. from Robinvale

13 11 71

Office info

Western Highway Project Office

237 Ring Rd, 3355

546.54 km. from Robinvale

03 5309 1050

Office info

Western Regional Office

88 Learmonth Rd, 3355

548.43 km. from Robinvale

13 11 71

Office info

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